Mark Irwin - Selected Recent Publications

forthcoming English Loanwords in Japanese. In The Handbook of Japanese Lexicon and Word Formation, ed. Kageyama & Kishimoto. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter

forthcoming Rendaku Lovers, Rendaku Haters and the Logistic Curve. In Japanese/Korean Linguistics 22, ed. Giriko et al. Stanford: CSLI Publications

2014 Rendaku in Japanese Dialects that Retain Prenasalization. In Japanese/Korean Linguistics 21, ed. Nam, Ko & Jun. Stanford: CSLI Publications (with Timothy Vance & Mizuki Miyashita)

2014 Rendaku Across Duplicate Moras. NINJAL Research Papers 7

2012 Rendaku Dampening and Prefixes. NINJAL Research Papers 4

2012 Late Middle Japanese. In The Languages of Japan and Korea, ed. Nicolas Tranter. London: Routledge (with Heiko Narrog)

2011 Mora Clipping of Loanwords in Japanese. Journal of Japanese Linguistics 27

2011 Loanwords in Japanese. Amsterdam: John Benjamins

2009 Prosodic Size and Rendaku Immunity, Journal of East Asian Linguistics 18

2009 Mora Obstruent Allomorphy in Sino-Japanese Morphemes. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag

2008 Homomorphemic Diffusion in Japanese Nonce Lexemes, Japanese Language and Literature 42

2006 English For Law. Tokyo: Sanshusha (with Todd Enslen)

2005 Rendaku-Based Lexical Hierarchies in Japanese: The Behaviour of Sino-Japanese Mononoms in Hybrid Noun Compounds, Journal of East Asian Linguistics 14

Mark Irwin - selected recent presentations

2014 (Jun) Rendaku Across Japanese Dialects, Phonological Society of Japan Spring Conference, Tokyo Metropolitan University (with Tim Vance)

2014 (Feb) Rendaku Across Duplicate Moras, 9th Phonology Festa, Atami

2013 (Sept) No English Spoken Here: The Prohibition of English in Japan 1940-45, 1st EAJS Japan Conference, Kyoto University

2013 (Aug) A Rendaku Database For Old Japanese, 21st International Conference on Historical Linguistics, University of Oslo (with Tim Vance)

2013 (Jan) Spatial Rendaku - Rendaku Across Dialects With Particular Reference to Yamagata, Tokyo Circle of Phonologists, Tokyo University (with Tim Vance & Mizuki Miyashita)

2012 (Nov) Rendaku in the Kahoku Dialect of Yamagata Japan, Alberta Conference on Linguistics, University of Lethbridge (with Mizuki Miyashita & Tim Vance)

2012 (Oct) Rendaku Lovers, Rendaku Haters and the Logistic Curve, Japanese/Korean Linguistics XXII, NINJAL, Tokyo

2012 (Jun) First Statement of Lyman's Law, 25th Paris Meeting on East Asian Linguistics, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris (with Tim Vance)

2011 (Dec) Rendaku Dampening and Prefixes, ICPP2011, Kyoto University

2011 (Dec) Replication of Epenthetic Vowels in Japanese Loanwords from the 16th to the 21st Century, Japanese Society for Historical Linguistics Inaugural Conference, Osaka University

2011 (Oct) Rendaku in Japanese Dialects That Retain Prenasalization, Japanese/Korean Linguistics XXI, Seoul University (with Tim Vance & Mizuki Miyashita)

2010 (May) Mora Splitting in Loanword Compound Clipping, Tokyo Circle of Phonologists, Tokyo University

2008 (July) Rendaku Immunity and Prosodic Size, International Congress of Linguists XVIII, Korea University, Seoul

2005 (Nov) Homomorphemic Diffusion in Japanese, 16th Meeting of Linguistic Society of New Zealand, University of Auckland






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Mark Irwin was born in Ulster in 1967 and is a dual national of the UK and the Irish Republic. He holds a BA and MA from Cambridge University and an MA and PhD from Sheffield University. He has lived in Japan since 1995 and, prior to Yamagata University, has worked for Hokkaido University and the Hachinohe City Education Board (Aomori Prefecture). He is also a Project Collaborator at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics in Tokyo. His current research topics include Japanese sociolinguistics, phonology and historical linguistics. He is author of Loanwords in Japanese.